About Poland
Poland is located in central Europe between Germany, the Czech republic and Slovakia along with many other countries. Poland is the 69th largest country by large area in the world and has a population of 38 million located mainly around the bigest cities like, Warsaw, Łódź, Krakow, Wroclaw,Gdansk, Katowice.
The capital appreciation potential in Poland continues to increase as tourism and foreign investment continue to grow. With a population of just under 40 million foreign investment continues to be attracted by the potential buying power of this emerging economy. With EU accession granted in May 2004 Poland is well position between Eastern and Western Europe to capitalize on the expanding EU trade. Strong economy and the introduction of the Euro in the near future, makes Poland the number one choice for many Investors.

Polish real estate is an attractive investment, guaranteeing high rate of return. Since a couple of years is characterized by dynamic price escalation. Real estate prices go up even over several tens percent annually.
Polish Real estate market is developing dynamically and Polish apartments, lofts, houses and commercial property are being built according to European standards of the highest quality. Poland as a member of European Union is a safe, interesting and hospitable country for foreign investors.

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